In West Quay shopping centre in Southampton there are always four gorgeous Spanish women selling some kind of nail manicure set. Over Christmas myself and my friend Adam probably had the flashiest pair of male nails in the South (I’m pretty sure Dale Winton lives further up the country). We’d keep walking past these beauties and when they offered us a free “buff up” we’d always go along with that explaining we were considering buying a nail set for our mums. We didn’t have girlfriends. We explained that to the stunners numerous times as well. Alas to no avail.

Over the weekend I saw the girls again and started speaking to them. They had a new worker with them who couldn’t actually speak any English whatsoever. Then she said something in Spanish, they all looked at me and laughed. I’m not entirely sure what they said, but I made off in case it was anything dodgy.

Something had me thinking though. She couldn’t speak English, so I assume (and I could be completely wrong here) that she wouldn’t be able to read English. There could be a very real Internet marketing opportunity in the form of a service creating products specifically at different countries.

An Internet marketing service that breaks the language barrier

What you could do is approach product or web site owners and ask them if you could sell their product to say the Hispanic or Russian market, for example, in exchange for a royalty. You could transfer it into the different language and you’ve got your own product without having to do any thinking yourself.

Now there is one problem here which is pretty blatant. I can say ‘uno beero’ in Spanish and that’s about it. The majority of us Brits are the same. Put us in a foreign country and not only can we not speak a word of their language, but we inevitably buy an English fry up with the “threeo sausageo” type lingual skills. So how would you create a foreign product and sell to a foreign market if you can’t speak the language?

You can go to and and pick specific countries where people you hire hail from. Get them to rewrite the book, hire a customer service representative from that country and you’re away. Ok it’s not going to be that easy and I admit that. But it’s something you should think about.

Another underused idea

From the emails I get, Andrew Reynolds is someone you have a lot of interest in. The guy is a marketing legend and clearly rakes it in from his direct mail business to the tune of thirty million. If you want to see him, and have Sky, tune into the entrepreneur channel 682 and you’ll see him every few hours looking very pleased with himself as people call in telling them about their millions.

First off direct mail and mail order is not that easy to get into and it does take hefty amounts before you get it right. Forget that for a second though. The big problem everyone has is they haven’t got their own product.

Well there are an endless supply of products online and the vast majority of product owners either won’t have a clue what direct mail is, or they won’t be interested in it. Why not find a product and ask the owner if you can sell their digital product offline? Set up some sort of contract where they get a commission or you pay a royalty and you’re off. Print the ebook out (for example) and you have a printed manual to sell through Andrews means.

Again there would be a fair bit more to it but it’s just an idea. Start thinking outside the box. Don’t think like everyone else does, follow Stephen Hawking’s example and use your mind to come up with something beyond the scope of “normal” ways of thinking and you can hit the jackpot. Speaking of Stephen Hawking and his example…

I’m not sure if you caught Channel 4 last night but if you had you’ve had seen a fascinating program about Stephen Hawking and his views on the universe.

A bit of inspiration

Last night I sat on my sofa watching a truly inspirational TV program about Stephen Hawking and his views on the universe. Now I can’t say I completely agree with everything he said, some of it was pretty weird to be honest, but hey I got a D in my physics exam so I can’t really argue with the bloke.

Anyway, something that I got from the program, far more than the fact that we are not alone in the universe, was the sheer bravery and drive of this man. He was a brilliant physicist and student at Oxford and Cambridge and then sadly developed a disease that left him paralysed over a period of time. He was told he was to die. The vast majority of people, and I’m firmly including myself in this, would have just given up on the studying of physics and everything else and accepted their fate.

But Stephen had such drive, such determination and such passion about the subject far from “giving up” he continued to strive to find out the things that baffle physicists throughout the world.

When I first tuned in I kind of expected the program to be depressing with what happened to this brilliant man. Far from that it opened my eyes to the determination of the human spirit. I felt choked up at the end when he made a joke (didn’t quite get it but I’m sure science labs throughout the world cracked up) and you could tell, you could just tell that this was a guy living his dream despite of the obvious setbacks and hindrances in his life.

It got me thinking. Big time.

On a personal level how often in life do we turn even little things into big problems? I know this better than anyone because I had my first panic attack at eight years old. Yes. Eight.

Up until about three or four years ago I was a bit of a wreck. I used to build up all of these situations in my head as to what could go wrong in simple little things in my life. If something small would happen to me that was negative, you can bet your backside within an hour I’d blown it all out of proportion in my head and turned it into a catastrophe when really it was nothing at all compared to what some people have to go through.

Touch wood I realised that the mind is a powerful, powerful thing. I turned the negative thoughts into a positive experience and now I’m the bugger you can’t shut up. I’m confident and have an unerring belief that I can achieve anything in life I want to. Programs like the one like that just remind me that the mind, and the way you think, really does dictate your life.

Ok sermon over. I just thought I’d talk about that for a little while. We all need inspiration now and then and it’s easy for us to turn little problems into big ones. It’s also easy to turn small success into big success. You choose how you react to a situation, try and react positively and you’re halfway there in life. Stephen obviously has a serious condition but hasn’t let it stop him taking on the science world.

Napoleon Hill says “For every adversity there comes a seed of greater benefit”. Stephen Hawking is a prime example of someone who uses that philosophy on a truly inspirational level.

Finally this week I did say I’d be reviewing an ebook on search engine optimisation. Well I’ve found another book, and a DVD course, that might actually be a little better. So next week I’ll dedicate an entire issue to the subject so I can really offer you the best reviews of the best out there.