It takes a lot to rile me. I’m usually a quite chilled out, relaxed character. However if there is one thing that gets my goat it’s people who think they know it all when clearly they are clueless.

Don’t get me wrong. An internet marketing forum can be a good place to go every now and then to ask advice. However take anything that is said to you with a pinch of salt. Those that “hang out” in these forums are one of two types of people. Either they are giving away information in their posts to try and build a list to get recognition, or they are the bane of my life the “serial poster” who claims to know it all but has put nothing into practice.

From an internet marketing forum a distant rumbling cometh

In the past two weeks I have had to dig around a few forums (think online notice boards) in the marketing niche doing some investigating. And seriously the level of information in some of these places is shocking.

For example I was at a well-known forum last week and someone, with all sincerity, claimed that selling information products was a dead business. No one bought information products anymore. They advised all newbie’s to concentrate on social media such as twitter.

If I had bitten my first any harder I’d never need a pair of gloves again. One would have done.

Morons like that chump make it so hard for newbies to make money on the net. Poor, wet behind the ears newbies are listening to potless idiots spending all their time slagging people off in the forums and before they know it the newbie is disheartened with online business and giving up. They listen to “experts” in forums giving out bad advice and they screw themselves up.

What’s worse is that even the genuine gurus are selling and promoting more and more rubbish with every week that passes. So even if the newbie’s do spend cash to try and learn about online marketing they’re still getting so so advice.

I am deadly serious when I say I spent around twenty grand learning about marketing online before I nailed it. And probably around another thirty grand before I become the modest marketing master I am now.

This all means the newbie has three options. Listen to clueless morons giving out bad advice in forums. Spend a whole lot of cash paying for courses from experts who are good at marketing, but don’t teach you any of what they do without spending big bucks, or just give up. And that’s a sad state of affairs.

Oh hang on. There’s an unheard of fourth option. Me!

For the past few years my marketing efforts in the make money niche have been solely focused in the UK. My niche books and software have been sold worldwide but my biz opp stuff has been just aimed at the good ol’ fish and chip eating Brits on the whole.

It’s time for me to rip someone apart again….

Cell phone cash – the untold truth

Subscribers to my printed Digital Upstart newsletter will have read my review of “Mack Michaels” and The guy behind it has been around for years online under a number of different aliases and there is a lot of smoke and mirrors with regards to his online exploits.

When I first signed up to Maverick Money Makers I really liked the site. However a lot of what “Mack” teaches is great in theory but just not possible to implement. At all. And at one hundred bucks a month that’s not really good enough.

Anywho I think the guy has potential so I’ve kept my eye out for him. In recent months I’ve been keeping my head down and looking closely into Facebook Applications and Phone Applications (both a goldmine if done right) so was excited to see that good old Mack was back with his pearly whites and the promise of how he makes hundreds of thousands from phone apps.

There is no question that the guy is a very, very good marketer. He makes an absolute fortune from Clickbank selling his programs and for that he should be applauded. Unfortunately that applause always seems to turn to sarcastic claps when people realise he has come out with another program that doesn’t deliver.

Whilst the theory behind the cell phones course is good it just seems very, very hard to get right. Essentially you are using mobile advertising to send traffic to web sites. I won’t get too complicated here because it’ll just throw people but the course, which is released a module a week, takes time and investment and the returns from other course trainees make it sound as though the majority of people are losing money rather than making it.

Now in truth just because it’s getting flamed in the forums doesn’t mean it’s bad. Most of the people who go onto forums and just knock products are people who are making excuses for their own inaction and inability to stick with something (more on that shortly). Many people say pay per click doesn’t work. It does it just takes time and effort which most people aren’t willing to do.

What gets me about this is that the course doesn’t really show you the ins and outs of what the sales letter claims to, which is a running theme in Mack Michaels products. I find a lot of his stuff is hype that is very rarely backed up upon.

The bottom line with the product is this. Mobile applications are becoming huge and will grow and grow and grow. The market for them is monstrous. However when it comes to things like mobile apps and Facebook apps those that are making the fortunes aren’t telling anyone. Why create competition for yourself?

Mack’s course is more about marketing with mobiles, rather than marketing applications, and for me it’s just not worth the cash. Avoid.