Do you ever get that de ja vu feeling when it comes to reading emails from marketers promoting their Internet businesses?

Do you ever get that de ja vu feeling when it comes to reading emails from marketers promoting their Internet businesses?

The de ja vu system – when Internet businesses come round again

Last year I signed up to a product only to hear my own voice speaking back at me. Weird thing was it took a good twenty seconds for me to actually realise it was me. I was thinking “blimey that voice is familiar” and then I announced my name on the videos. The video series was of Gold Rush Broker: a course I sold private label rights to.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails about Niscape’s Internet Deal Broker course. I was just about to order and check it out when reader Lynda kindly emailed me telling me she was listening to my videos online and then the Niscape product turned up and it was me again. It turns out that Niscape also got hold of the Gold Rush Broker course and they are selling a private label version of it.

Now let me categorically state that this is possibly the greatest course ever created on internet business. Why? Because I made it: that’s why!

No in all seriousness the course is really, really good. It became a top seller in Clickbank and now it seems Niscape are selling a hell of a lot of copies, or at least marketing it heavily, due to the emails I’ve been getting.

Gold Rush Broker is probably one of my favourite products I’ve ever created. It’s not about building a business per se, and I question some of the claims in the Niscape sales letter at, but it is a realistic way to earn an income from the internet without any products or a web site. It’s all about two-tier affiliate programs and I’ve covered that in past issues of this eletter.

Not only am I experiencing de ja vu buying products and hearing my own voice, but I’m also experiencing it getting weekly emails promising me instant riches. Lets take a look at the latest.

Review: Niche Annihilation

Yesterday Rob Benwell of Blogging To The Bank fame released his latest “must have” which he claims to have been working on for the past six months. Erm.

Let me start at the beginning. Reading the sales letter Rob lets you believe that you will be learning a complete system for dominating niche markets. He shows fancy pictures of his cars and house and promises to show you a step by step system for making a killing using search engine optimisation and more.

Quite simply he doesn’t do that. At all.

If you’re an internet newbie and you sign up to this you are going to be very, very disappointed. There is no step by step system to follow. The 49 page ebook is a mish mash of information and quite frankly I think Rob is slowly but surely undoing all of the hard work he did with Blogging To The Bank. This product is, for want of a better phrase, rubbish. I pretty much knew that before I bought to be honest. The “clickbank Brady Brunch” all promote each others average products for commissions and don’t care the quality of it.

Let me give you an example of the “mind blowing” techniques Rob gives away. He talks about conversion and one of this techniques is to follow up by email via an autoresponder. Wow. That’s new information. Not.

Another corker he comes out with, and bare in mind this is the basis of his “annihilation” technique, is to do everything you can to get as many listings on Google’s first page as possible. The more you have the more you’ll make. Is that supposed to be a strategy? Is it not just common sense?

Yet another genius idea in the book, one that he claims is the “only way to dominate pay per click” is basically to eliminate ads that aren’t making you any returns. Jeeze, bet Einstein’s soiling his pants with this genius in town.

You can ignore the testimonials on the page from people claiming it’s a brilliant course. They give people like Rob testimonials to get traffic to their web site (Rob will have got tens of thousands of visitors during launch).

His bonus of Niche Domination is ok I suppose, but he’ll annoy a lot of people who bought it last year for a lot more. I’m not even sure if that’s available anymore. Anyway I think he needs to put a bit more enthusiasm into his videos. Whenever I watch them I can’t help think of Spitting Image and the “more peas Norma?” sketch.

Another thing is once you buy the book you see an offer to join a coaching program with him for a few grand. Trust me on this one avoid it. He did this before and people who signed up couldn’t get in contact with him because he buggered off to the Maldives (and then sent everyone on his list an email of him on the beach with his laptop. Obviously not checking emails Robert).

If I sound annoyed it’s because I bleedin well am! This was hyped up to be an amazing course and it’s nothing short of a some common sense “articles” in an ebook. Yes there are some cool titbits in there and yes I did learn one or two things. It wasn’t a complete waste of money for me as I already own businesses online. However did it do what it said on the tin? Not at all.

Oh and guess what? He’s got another product launch coming up on the twelfth of March. God knows what brilliant information he’ll be promising this time. But for me Rob Benwell is going to have to do a hell of a lot better.

Verdict. Steer clear and save your money. Big promises simply not delivered upon. Rob sent out an email last night saying “it seems like it’s not only me who thinks this is my best product to date”. He’s right. His joint venture partners think that too. I for one certainly don’t.

Andrew Fox’s Affiliate X Factor

Andrew Fox, one of the “top affiliate marketers on the planet” is releasing yet another product on affiliate marketing. This comes as a surprise considering his last one, the click bank coaching club, was vaunted as probably the last he’d ever create. Yeah, pull the other one Andrew.

His latest big product launch, like all the rest of his, claim to pull back the curtain on his internet and affiliate business that have got him a gorgeous home (probably the only thing I agree with him on) and the dream lifestyle.

Now from his emails this will be another membership site teaching you how to earn as an affiliate. Funny how the last one he launched claimed to be the last affiliate training you’d ever need.

Calm down Jon. Calm down.

It’s getting marketed like crazy because he’s paying affiliates a dollar for every subscriber they refer. So expect this to be another big, big product launch in a few weeks.

Do you want me to sum up in one sentence what he’ll teach you? “Build an email list in niche markets and promote products to them as an affiliate”.

Seriously. This guy has rehashed three or four products just in different formats and each of them state the obvious. I actually predicated this last year (internet marketing de ja vu) saying all of his products are pretty much remakes of his decent course which is good and all power to him for that.

Unfortunately I get the sinking feeling that his new course will be yet another rehash of it, just more expensive. As per usual I’ll sign up and make sure, and let you know if it is the same old hot air or if it’s different. I’m willing to bet intimate parts of my body that it will be the same old stuff though.

Now I’ve said that he’ll probably release a cracker for the first time in years.

Time for me to go and take a few deep breaths. I’m angry because so many people in worse off positions than myself will have wasted money they can’t afford to on hype and promises that aren’t delivered upon. For me that’s just not on. Stick with me and I’ll make sure it’s my moola down the drain and not yours.

Next week I’m going to be telling you about a brilliant, brilliant ebook on search engine optimization. Also I’ve ordered Rich Schefren’s latest DVD package which was heavily marketed (and expensive) so save your cash until I get the package and can report back on the quality. Jay Abraham is involved in this one so I’m sure it’s going to be brilliant.