In this article I want to address something that is a major contributing factor to many business failures. It is something I know is holding the majority of entrepreneurs back… Fear. And if you don’t think this applies to you, well, then you need to read on even more. Understanding this might just make you a fortune.

How facing the Law of Fear head-on will diminish the risk of business failure

In the past three and a half years I have been in contact with tens of thousands of business opportunity seekers every single week. I have seen people from all walks of life try, and most often fail, to make a living online.

Now at first I could have put that down to just not knowing how to start an online business. However I know through my courses people who follow what I say have all they need to make serious cash online. How do I know this? Results! My eFormula course teaches people how to make tens of thousands in a few days, or less. Recently I had an eFormula student who generated a whopping thirty eight grand in a day from simply following what I teach in the course and putting it into action.

This had me thinking. Why is it so many fail to make serious cash online? It can’t be the information because those who apply what I teach get the results they want. So what it is? I figured that if I could eliminate the factors stopping people from being a success than I can help anyone change their life.

I was rolling this idea around in my head for a few hours last week. I started making a list of all the reasons I had seen over the years from people looking to earn online. I say reasons, I mean excuses. Because that’s what nearly all of them are. The excuses range from not having the right information (that might have been a reason before my training came along), not having the spare time, not having the spare cash…the list is endless.

However the more I really got down to it the more I realised that there is one main reason for people failing to make it big online – fear.

Over the years I have seen the fear reason for not starting something over and over again. Fear of failure is something nearly everyone who wants to start a business feels. The reason for this is because in their head they have this dream of millionaire status and security. So if they fail at the business they start all of a sudden that dream pops and disappears (if you’re in the wrong mindset that is. The real entrepreneurs persist and learn from their mistakes).

Bizarrely on top of fear of failure, I have seen tons of times people scared of being successful. Crazy isn’t it? I once had a guy ask for a refund for the eFormula course because, and I quote, “I can see how much money I can make from this but don’t want to give money to the tax man. If I make six figures a year I’ll have to give him a chunk of it”. I found out the guy earned less than twenty grand a year. He’d rather earn less in his current job working his guts out, than giving the tax man a share of his 100k a year or more internet income. Figure that one out!

Fear is something that we all experience in different areas of our life. Hardly anyone though understands the true meaning and power that fear can give us.

You see there are two ways of dealing with fear. One is passive, the other active. In the passive mode we seek to avoid the situation that causes anxiety. So with regards to starting a business you would avoid starting one in case you fail (fear of failure) or, God forbid, in case you succeed and won’t know what to spend all the money you make on. When you are in this passive mode of looking at things you feel fragile. This is why so many give up at the first hurdle they face when they try starting a business. The fear of failure kicks in and it seems easier to stop rather than actually experience failing properly.

The active mode of dealing with fear is something altogether different. It is something that most of us have experienced at some point. Often it comes when a risky or difficult situation is thrust upon us rather than us having the choice of facing it. For example the death of a loved one, an accident or anything that just “happened” when you weren’t expecting it. In this situation people often find an inner strength and that what they feared was not so bad. Business-wise, an example of this might be that you were going to be evicted if you didn’t pay the mortgage. All of a sudden the fear of that overtakes the fear of failure and you go into active mode facing the challenge head on.

The problem that I have seen over the years teaching so many biz opp seekers is that the majority of people seem to live in relatively comfortable circumstances. They can pay the bills (sometimes only just) and can maintain the comfort and security that they have in their life. This means they are more sensitive to anything that may affect the status quo. Because of this they find it harder to tolerate feelings of fear. If they experience the anxiety of the fear or trying something and failing that affects the security they have in their life. It is much easier to still have that dream of becoming a millionaire one day, rather than facing it head-on and maybe failing.

The Entrepreneurs Secret Weapon

Throughout history, and in all walks of life, there are those who have had no other choice but to face their fear on a daily basis. This could be those who grow up in extreme poverty, those who face war, those suffering from personal loss or tragedy and so on. These people must confront their fears on a daily basis and overcome them or be pulled down. They become toughened to the point of steel. Evidence of this is everywhere.

No one is born this way. It is unnatural to not feel fear. What separates those who go under and those who rise to above adversity is the strength of their will and hunger to overcome the fear.

At some point the defensive, avoidance way of overcoming fears becomes an offensive one and people face the fear head-on. They then learn the value of facing fear that brings you power. All of a sudden you realise that whilst the vast majority of the world runs from things they fear those that face them learn that those willing to attack fear at the source by hitting it head on experience great things. They learn the true power of life.

When it comes to entrepreneurship I have realised this fear can be your biggest ally or your biggest enemy. If you avoid starting something for fear of failing you will always be on the lookout for reasons why something could not work. This means the first obstacle you hit you’ll give up. And sadly those who go about business this way lie at the bottom of the financial heap. Forever.

On the other hand those who face the fear they hold with business will very soon experience a freedom that allows them to get stuck into something and stick with it. And then they will succeed.

My Christmas present to you this year is a series of videos starting next week. I am first going to help you understand fear when it comes to business so that you understand the real reason you are not making a fortune like my eFormula student who followed what I said and made nearly forty grand in a day.

Then I’m going to teach you some simple methods you can use to make a fortune online without a web site or any of the conventional marketing methods. This is brand new, cutting edge information. It levels the playing field so you don’t need any marketing or techie skills.

Once you no longer feel anxiety and fear when it comes to business, and have the information I’ll provide you that “equalizes” internet business for everyone, you can then build something that can and will make next year the greatest of your financial life. And when that happens, well, you owe me a beer!