I know that January is a time when people really get fired up about their finances. “This is going to be my year” they say…then do bugger all about it and wonder why they end the year broke.

Not you. Not this year.

This year I wanted to give you so much information at the beginning of the year so that you’re set for the rest of the year and that the only thing stopping you from raking in a fortune is yourself.

How am I going to do it? Well over the next month I am going to give you a series of simple tasks, kind of like homework, each week to follow. By the end of the month you will have an online business set up that can and will make you life changing cash this year. Sound good?

To do this, I’ve found a niche for us to focus on.

Profit from finding a niche – the self-help industry

What I am going to do is help you start a business in the billion-dollar a year self-help industry. The reason for this is because I’m in the self-help industry myself and there is a fortune to be made in the first few months of the year as people go about improving themselves. Of course, there is a ton of cash to be made throughout the rest of the year as well, but the first few months especially.

When people tell me they are going to start a business selling “make money” products I cringe. The reason why nearly every person fails to make money selling make money products is because their marketing needs to be world class. They are selling to people who are naturally skeptical and wary of scams. It’s virtually impossible to stand out unless you have a marketing education that is world class.

Now flip that to the self-help niche…

Rather than being skeptical people are naturally positive. They want to improve themselves and want to think good of you. It is a much, much easier sale.

Think of it like this analogy. Selling to the make money niche is like opening a burger stand and only selling to people who have just eaten. You might make the odd sale from the greedy buggers but it’s going to be bloody hard to sell to the rest. Whereas if you sold to only hungry people you’ll make a killing. People in the self-help niche are hungry. They buy up any program that will get them to where they want to be. And you will be the one selling that program if you follow what I teach you over the next few weeks.

Now don’t worry you don’t need to be a product creation expert, sales letter writer or marketing genius. Everything over the next few weeks is going to be simple to follow and implement and it will hardly cost you a penny to do yourself.

Marketing Mindreading

The first step is a simple lesson to understand. A lesson nearly every single marketer I know balls up royally – understanding your market.

I’m not kidding you here. Nearly every single marketer I see online does not understand the simple concept of understanding your market and who you are trying to sell to. They shove up some marketing and sales letters and expect their product to sell.

Even millionaires do this.

They follow age-old copywriting techniques and marketing methods that are not suited to the internet. That’s fine. Let them do it their way. We’ll do it the right way for the internet and clean up.

What you need to do in order to make a fortune on the net is understand your prospects needs, desires and dreams. You need to understand how they talk, what they are worried about, what it is that they are not finding in the niche market and what others are selling.

Think about it for a second. If you could jump into someone’s mind and find out exactly what it was that was stopping them from buying a product and then you eliminate the obstacle the sale becomes easy right? All of a sudden there is nothing stopping them from buying. So they buy!

How do you do this? Surely it’s not possible to jump into someone’s head? Well no. It’s not. But there is a very close second thing to do.

In this blueprint and the coming weeks we are going to concentrate on the self help niche for the reason I mentioned earlier (i.e. BIG money). What you can do is go to amazon.com ( http://www.amazon.com/) and search the books in the self-help niche. But don’t just look at the books look at the reviews of the books!

The reviews are from people who buy things in the self-help niche. These are from people who have bought a self-help book and want to give their opinion on it. Good, bad or indifferent you’ll see reviews from people who bought in the self-help niche. This can, of course, be applied in any niche market.

I’ll give you the link of where to do this shortly but let me first explain why this is so powerful…

Customers of my eFormula course will understand the importance of building relationships with your potential customers and subscribers. Without a good relationship with them you are nothing.

Now for many people it is good enough to just have trust with their customers and subscribers. This can be enough to build a million-dollar online business.

However where things become really, really powerful is when you add trust to rapport. When people view you as more of a friend (all be it a cyber one) rather than a marketer they buy from you. Period.

Where most marketers go wrong is they put on this big guru front. Flashy suits and the whole “Listen to me because I’m great” creates a disconnect with the potential customer or subscriber. They speak in guru language.

Where things become really powerful is when you speak to people who could be customers or subscribers the way they speak to people themselves. If you speak to someone the way they speak to themselves in their head there is an instant connection. They trust you from the off. And then when you speak to them using their own kinds of words, talk about their fears that you understand and their dreams that they want something special happens –you get a customer for life, because no one else speaks to them that way.

By reading reviews from people in the self-help niche you will learn how they speak. The kinds of words they use. You’ll read what they fear and dream about. What they like in products in this niche and what they don’t like. What they expect and what surprises them (hint, if you pleasantly surprise someone with an extra they will always watch out for your stuff).

Here’s the thing. People don’t want to read about how great you are. And this is where so many marketers go wrong. They brag about how great they are and their achievements and that they can teach you how to do the same.

The great marketers, and I modestly include myself in that statement, show people they understand them. They show people that they understand what it is they want and then prove to them they can help them get it.

So here is your assignment for this week. Visit the link below and spend as little or as long as you can reading some of the reviews of the books. Any books it does not matter. Just get a feel for what it is people in the self-help niche are like. Understand them.


If reading a few reviews is too much for you well then, sorry, but don’t expect to make much money this year. If any. I’m not one of these people who tells you money is easy to make. You need to put some effort in. This is the real world ladies and gentlemen so grow up and put the work in if you want to change your life. If not, no problem. But don’t expect any change to happen without work.

Next week I will show you exactly why we are doing this. And I’ll give you a full business blueprint that you can put into action and have a business within 24 hours in the lucrative self-help niche. Just as millions of people across the globe are pulling out their wallets to spend cash on self-improvement!