In this article I want to reveal to you a simple method to increase your online revenue. Without spending a penny. This, my friend, is a corker.

How to increase your revenue through the use of ‘fusion’ and ‘reciprocity’

Around a month and a half ago I told you I was reading a cracking book called The Art Of Persuasion And Influence by Robert Cialdini. I explained that good ol’ Bobby talked about a very powerful phenomena called: “Reciprocity”.

According to sociologists and anthropologists, one of the most widespread and basic norms of human culture is embodied in the rule of reciprocity. This rule requires that one person try to repay what another person has provided.

In layman’s term it means that if you do a good deed for someone they are much more likely to do something for you. This is because they feel as though they’re not ‘losing out’ as you have already done something for them.

This phenomena explains the Internet marketing Brady Bunch and their “you promote my product and I’ll promote yours” promotions. Regardless of how good a product is, if you make them some cash they’ll make you some by promoting your product. This is why they seem to promote everything and anything.

Unfortunately for them, and thankfully for us, the Internet is changing. In a big, big way. You may have noticed that the usual ClickBank guys aren’t promoting as often and as hard (I predicted that would happen months ago by the way). That’s because two things have happened. Firstly people are aware of the fact that on the whole, their marketing products are about as useful as nipples on a bull.

This leads us onto a second point. Because people know their products are pants their promotions aren’t making as much money as they used to and people are finding it harder to set up joint ventures. After all, if someone promotes you but doesn’t make you any cash, it’s hard to then promote them. Why? Because you feel as though you are missing out. You’re not getting a good deal if you promote them and make them cash and they fail to make you any.

Stick with me here this is very cool…

A few weeks ago I was lying in my bed. This is where I have all my best ideas. Shouting “I’ve got the big one” is probably the reason so many relationships of mine go down the pan with the girl thinking I’m a lunatic pervert. Little does she know that my big ideas always make me a small fortune. And now they’ll make you one too!

I realized that due to the art of reciprocity, and the way the Internet is moving forward, anyone with a bit of get up and go could make a killing. And they never needed their own website, products, to answer any emails from customers or any of that malarkey. I realized that with a bit of tweaking you could make money on the net by helping others. And I call it my Fusion System.

The Fusion System Revealed

Picture this scenario. You have a website in the self-help niche market. You have a large email list of hungry buyers or a website which receives a ton of visitors every single day. Someone approaches you and says, “Hey. If you are willing to send out an email to your list for me, or add an advert for me to your web site, I’ll give you twenty hours of self-help audio programs for you to sell or give to your list. And it won’t cost you a penny. I’ll even show you how to turn the audio into full blown multi-media programs you can sell for hundreds of dollars a pop”.

Now if you owned a web site in the self-help niche do you think that kind of offer would interest you? Hell yeah it would. Think about it. If you send a promotion to your email list for that person it won’t cost you a single penny. Nor will it cost you anything to add a banner advert to your website. Yet you can then get a brand new business to add to your sales funnel and make a fortune with without having to pay a penny. Hardly anyone is going to turn that down.

The cool thing is that it can be your affiliate link that people promote. So you could approach someone with an email list of ten thousand in the self help niche and offer them the above deal. They then promote your affiliate link for a product in the self-help niche and earn you cash. In return they get a full self-help audio program to promote and keep all the cash themselves.

Let’s look at a more concrete example. You sign up as an affiliate to a website which pays out eighty quid in commissions for every person you send to the site which buys the course, which is on confidence.

You approach a website in the self-help niche related to confidence and say: “Hey if you promote my affiliate link to your email list I’ll give you a three hour audio seminar on controlling negative thoughts. It won’t cost you a penny and you can sell it or give it away to your list to build a relationship”. Due to the art of reciprocity the person happily agrees. It’s win-win.

They send your affiliate link and promotional email to their list of ten thousand. Within a few days they have sold one hundred and twenty copies of the confidence course you are an affiliate of and you receive over ten grand in affiliate commissions.

So where do you get these self-help audio programs from in order to set up these deals? Well there are tons and tons of self help books in the public domain which means they have no copyright on them. Get a couple, read them out into a microphone on your pc and you have a instant Fusion System business. Go and sign up to an affiliate program in the self-help niche and you’re away!