Here’s a cool little business idea for you: making money on YouTube – it could have you in business in a couple of days, and potentially bring you a tasty amount of site visitors without spending a penny on marketing. is the world’s largest video sharing web site. You can go to it, type in a keyword phrase and you’ll get a list of results on that keyword phrase. Think of it as a video search engine.

Now I have to admit that when it comes to wasting time when I should be working YouTube is a pain in the behind. I went on there on Monday morning to search for a music video and I was on there for four hours. I came across a wrestling video of Hulk Hogan and spent the morning reliving my youth watching video clips of the wrestling of old.

I started to think of quick ways someone could use the power of YouTube to earn some money when I saw a video that linked to a guys web site which sold old wrestling paraphernalia. Here’s what I came up with…

Can you make money on YouTube with this idea?

There are a ton of sites out there now selling “private label products”. These are products that you get in MS word format and you can do anything you like with. These come with ready-made sales letters so all you need to do is put the web site up and drive traffic to it. Unfortunately people struggle to figure out how to get traffic to niche web sites.

Why not use YouTube?

Create a short video on your niche market of only about two mins long. Then at the beginning and then end flash up on screen your web site link. You can use Camtasia Studio found at to do this. Now all you do is post the introduction video on YouTube.

So for example: I own a book with private label rights on Feng Shui. I could create a video using it, post the intro on YouTube and get traffic to the site using YouTube’s huge traffic volume. Every time people type in ‘feng shui’ my video set would show up meaning possible visitors to my site without me spending a penny on advertising.

Now here’s where it gets really cool. YouTube has such power with Google that if you create a short video, only two minutes or so long, aimed at your niche and then call it the keyword you want to rank for you can pretty much top the engines without any effort.

For example if you created a short video on Feng Shui, and you wanted to rank in Google for the keyword term “feng shui exterior color” you’d simply create an intro video to feng shui, call it “Feng Shui Exterior Color” and very soon you could be ranked highly in Google for that phrase. All you do is repeat the process (using the same video) for as many low competition keywords as you wish and you could have hundreds of people viewing that video a day. At the end of the video you link to your web site. You could repeat this process with tons of private label products (there are thousands out there) or public domain products (endless) and potentially bring in a very tasty income indeed.

Try it out and let me know how you get on.

Two really cool graphic sites

I get a lot of emails asking me about where people can have graphics for the site made up. Graphics improve conversion massively and for me they’re a must. Without a graphic people can’t imagine what it is they are getting if it’s an ebook for example as it’s just a download, so graphics help people see what they are getting.

I used to direct people who asked me about graphics to my own designer but he’s so overloaded now I had to start finding other places to get my graphics done. Here’s two resources I recommend: This is really, really, really cool. You post up a project asking for a design to be made to your specifications. Then you’ll get dozens of designers creating the graphics before you pay them anything. Once the competition is done you pick the design you like best and then you pay. It’s actually cheaper here than hiring just one designer. So you get dozens of ideas, rather than just one, and it’s cheaper because it’s a little known site at the moment. Cool huh!? If you’re on a tight budget this is worth a close look. Whilst you won’t get a graphic of the quality of 99designs, you will get something more than good enough to put on your site.

At Ecover Go you can create your own graphics, for free for a trial version, without any geeky knowledge whatsoever. You simply follow the simple steps, upload your graphics or use their templates, add your own text and voila you have your own graphics for your site. Very easy, very cool and definitely worth a look if you need graphics to perk your site up a little.

Product De Ja Vu

Another course I have received an email about today is Super Speed Wealth by Matt Benwell, the brother of Rob Benwell of ‘Blogging To The Bank’ fame. The second I saw the surname I had that familiar sinking feeling.

Regular readers will know that I lose more and more respect for Rob Benwell with every average product he launches, and I have the horrible feeling this is going to be another dud.
Some time ago I reviewed the Benwell brothers’ membership site Quick Fire Profits in my printed Digital Upstart newsletter . To say I wasn’t impressed by the site would be somewhat of an understatement. And amazingly once again they’ve launched a site promising the same thing. Quick profits for little work. Hmm.

To save you cash, I’ll sign up to this and review it in next weeks eletter. To be honest I know what’s coming, and I feel somewhat masochistic by constantly putting myself through the rigor amole of disappointment buying these shoddy rehashed products but I’m here to make sure you don’t waste your money. Watch next week’s eletter for a review of this one.

Incidentally I spoke to someone who is part of who I refer to as the “Clickbank Brady Bunch”, always promoting each others product for a quick buck regardless of the quality. I asked him why he promoted a recent product considering how pants it was. His reply was interesting…

“I’ve got a product launch coming up later this year and if I didn’t promote it they wouldn’t have promoted mine. That’s a lot of money to lose out on”.

I very nearly swore profusely at the guy if I’m honest. It’s this whole “blow you Jack I’m alright” attitude that makes people so skeptical about whether you can earn online or not. Unfortunately by doing that everyone is losing. People are losing out being persuaded to buy useless rubbish, and he’ll be losing out in the long term as people start to realise what he’s all about.

Wow. I can feel myself getting annoyed out as I write this but it’s because I feel so passionately about morons taking money off of people when they know what they are selling is useless. I look at these people and think to myself “would you be happy selling that to your parents if they were hard up for cash and looking to earn a living from home?”. I’d be surprised if many of the marketers out there today would sell one tenth of what they promote to their own families. Then again if it meant a new Ferrari on the drive they’d probably sell their own granma.