As you’ll know in recent weeks I’ve been recommending John Reese’s Traffic Secrets course, found at And that was before I’d even seen it! I was that confident that the course was going to be a cracker. I’ve now got my copy and been through it.

There’s one particularly impressive strategy in Traffic Secrets and that’s the clever use of text link ads… Read on for more and for my final verdict.

Use text link ads for your business – as explained in Traffic Secrets

Last Thursday started off as one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong. As soon as I woke up I knew I was in for a bad one. I brushed my teeth and then went to gargle some Listerine mouthwash. Somehow, during the vigorous gargling, a drop shot out of my mouth and got me right in the eye. You’re not supposed to swallow the stuff, and trust me it’s definitely not meant for your blinkers.

Half blinded I wandered down to my pigeon hole to check my post. For weeks I’d been waiting for a note from the concierge that a package had arrived. And today, there it was. A note letting me know that a package marked ‘’ (John Reese’s company) had turned up. Maybe the day wouldn’t be too bad after all.

Now when I get one of these courses I rip it open and instantly work my way through the entire course. Even if that means not going to bed until the early hours of the morning – I can’t sleep unless I’ve been through the entire thing.

After a couple of hours of John’s course I had fallen asleep.

Now this may have been that I had been out the night before. Or it may have been because the course starts off extremely slowly. The first few courses cover the overview CD, which personally I don’t think is needed, market discovery and keyword discovery. I found this all pretty mundane. But it’s probably because I knew most of this already.

Then the course really kicked in. And boy oh boy is this one worth a look.

I have bought dozens and dozens of these types of training courses. I have spent tens of thousands on my internet education and I can pride myself in saying that there isn’t much I don’t know when it comes to marketing online. However courses like this really open your eyes to what’s out there when it comes to the net. Over the next CDs my mind was blown countless times as John walks you through some really cool tricks and strategies that I’d never heard of let alone tried out.

For example in a recent edition of The Digital Upstart printed newsletter I showed you how to first build an affiliate program that people would be desperate to promote, and then how to find the top joint venture partners in your niche so they can promote your product.

John covers building your affiliate program in the course and without blowing my own trumpet it’s all very much the same as what I taught you in the newsletter.

However there was one brilliantly simple trick that John uses that I’ll cover here. This one, which was completely off my radar till now, is pure genius…

What you want to do is visit sites in your niche market that have ready-made materials for their affiliates to use (like I taught you to do). So let’s say you were selling a weight-loss product. You could go to and click on “promote products” at the top of the page. You could then navigate to the “weight loss” category in the marketplace and do a bit of searching on the relevant sites.

Now what you’re looking for are “text link” ads that people can add to their site and send traffic to that web site as an affiliate? Why? Simple. By typing the text from the ad into Google you can find all the sites that include that text link. In other words you can find tons of sites that promote the same kind of product as yours from their web site. Would they be good partners to promote your product? Hell yeah! They are already promoting other products in your niche so they are perfect partners for your site.

That little baby was just one of dozens and dozens of new information I learned from John Reese’s brilliant Traffic Secrets 2.0 course. I took so many notes my hand felt like it was going to fall off. This was a refreshing change from products like Yanik Silver’s ‘Underground Seminar’ where the majority of what I listened to was an endless sales pitch.

There is so much information in this course I could never do it justice in this review. He talks about how to do google adwords, properly, in such a way that I realised just how much rubbish the other “experts” spout about it. Constantly we are bombarded with offers from people who have “cracked the adwords code” and now I realise just how little they know. Personally I have never been up on Adwords. You can waste a hell of a lot of money quickly, which is something that funnily enough these clickbank affiliate gurus hardly ever tell you. John does though. John explains exactly how to maximise your profits and minimize your costs.

That final point is key. John is honest throughout the entire course. There is no hype or needless promises just good, honest to goodness and proven strategies John uses to make a fortune. And trust me this guy is loaded.

You’ll learn so much from this. Search engine optimisation, video marketing, social bookmarking…it’s all here. Some of which I must say I don’t agree with, but that’s minuscule compared to what I know to be true. John has outdone himself. Again.

Do I recommend this to everyone? No. This is not newbie friendly. John says it’s fine for newbies but personally I think if you start going through this course without any previous knowledge of how the internet marketing world works you’ll suffer from major info overload.

However if you have a knowledge, no matter how basic, you should check this out. If you are motivated and know you will work through this course and put it into action this is a must have. At under four hundred dollars, for a huge package shipped to you, this is one of that rare beasts in the internet marketing world. A gem that will put much, much, much more money in your pocket than your original investment.

Traffic Secrets 2.0 get’s nine out of ten for me. Why not ten out of ten? Simple. With all the great feedback on this I don’t want John getting too much of a big head.

Sal the “site stealer” is back

A big thank you to subscriber Stacey who let me know that Harris Fellman is bringing back his butt clenching and cringe worthy “comedy creation” Sal the gangster.

For those of you who haven’t been on this newsletter list for too long may not have heard of this guy. Basically not too long ago he uploaded a video of him in a shed trying to do an impression of a Tony Soprano type and how he “steals” web sites and makes money from them.

Usually when I watch a marketing video from behind the sofa it’s because I just know I’m about to get hit with a price tag for the product that’s going to be in the thousands. With “Sal” it was because I was watching this guy trying be funny, and failing big time, in front of tens of thousands of site visitors just to try and be different. He made Jim Davidson look like Peter Sellars. That’s how truly unfunny the video was.

Anyway I was told this morning that he is to launch a new product that will “change internet marketing forever”.

Ok two things. Firstly we hear that phrase week in week out, and inevitably it never does.

Secondly his last product that promised the same thing, Sal the Site Stealer, could be summed up in one sentence. When writing sales copy visit other web sites in your niche market that are doing well and “steal” their sales copy that works, then redo it to match your own offer. Hardly worth the forty dollars or so he charged last time for that “secret”.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying avoid this promotion altogether. On the contrary you should probably check it out just to see the worst impressionist this earth has ever seen. But with regards to the product I have my reasons for thinking it won’t be up to scratch. Harris’ products unfortunately never meet up to the expectations that his ‘buddies’ he meets at seminars like to make you think.

If it’s any good I’ll let you know. But don’t waste any hard earned cash until you hear from me on this one.

Have a lovely week