I try not to blow my own trumpet here. But when computer game giants Nintendo are working for you, you can afford to. Well, maybe ‘working for you’ is over-stating it – but they are helping to boost my email list, simply because of crafty domain name ownership.

I’m about to let you peer into the “evil” genius of cash generation techniques that are going to blow your mind. Seriously. This is a killer.

Street versus Nintendo – domain name ownership

Ok. So what I’m about to tell you is something that I really considered holding back. You’ll see why in a minute. But I realised in this time of the recession I really need to put my best stuff in here for my readers. Stuff that beforehand no one on the planet apart from me knew. Especially not the morons who claim to be out there helping people.

An example of something I considered holding back was my YouTube traffic technique for plucking money from Google. Here’s an email I received from Derek Haig, a reader of this newsletter:

“I have only been a member if IID for a couple of months and have implemented what you have been teaching, I particularly liked the You Tube Video Scalper, I have two videos on there and it is working a treat.

I’m on the bottom off 2nd page and have had 3 commissions which I think is quite good as it’s only been on there for nearly 3 weeks and hopefully as it moves up the rankings it will bring in more, which I wouldn’t have had if I had not received your IID reports”.

That Youtube trick I taught about topping the search engines works. Period. And it’s cutting edge. I mentioned that months and months ago and I still haven’t seen any “experts” even talk about it. I’m always way ahead of the game. And if you don’t believe me, check this out…

You may have seen on the TV an advert for the Nintendo DS game console. It is an advert that sells a product called “The Classic Book Collection”. Make sure you look out for it from now on.

There are two really, really cool things about this. Firstly the product is made up of public domain books. You’ll know from reading this eletter that public domain means a works has no copyright. So Shakespeare, Dickens etc are in the public domain. Nintendo have grabbed a ton of classic books and created a product around it. And they will make a fortune.

So firstly, it’s cool because they are selling stuff you could get without spending a penny elsewhere. And yep, I’ve taught you to do that tons of times in this eletter.

Here’s where it gets really crazy though.

Jon Street’s Time Machine

It’s a fact that a lot of people who use the Internet type the product they are searching for directly into their web browser. So for example someone looking for a golf club might type in ‘www.golfclub.com’. A hell of a lot of people search for products that way.

Now Nintendo are marketing their new Classic Book Collection product globally. On TV, in magazines, on the Internet. It’s everywhere. All over the world. And guess who owns www.classicbookcollection.com.

You guessed it. Me! (It’s not finished completely yet so don’t sign up you won’t receive anything).

Think about that for a second. All over the world, hundreds of millions people, probably billions, are seeing these adverts. Nintendo’s marketing power is insane. A percentage of them will type the product name directly into their web browser and land on my site.

Here’s where it gets really clever.

Once they land on my site, they are hit with a headline offering them the classic book collection without them having to spend a penny. How can I do that? The books are in the public domain. So I can offer them as an instant download.

Now I could have easily just added a few AdSense adverts, like all the gurus (read stone age morons) would have done. Instead I get them to sign up to my email list and every week I’ll send them a new classic book.

Using my techniques, that are way, way too valuable to reveal today, I’ll be able to pull money out of the people who subscribe onto my list like there’s no tomorrow.

So remember how I made thirty grand in a day from a list of just under seven hundred people? Imagine how big this email list can become thanks to nice old Nintendo marketing their product and me jumping in and piggy backing on their marketing power. Also add in the fact this is public domain content and I think you’ll agree that’s a pretty damned clever business!

Right about now you may be thinking, hang on why didn’t Nintendo register that name. I mean, it’s their actual product name.

Because I was in there first!

You’re probably wondering if I have some sort of time machine. Nope. Although I do buy one three years from now.

Maybe I have a psychic girlfriend. Wrong again. She left me before we’d even met.

So how did I predict the future and piggyback on Nintendo’s marketing power? I’ll reveal all very soon.

The proof is undeniable

Ok enough of my braggadocio. I won’t even begin to tell you how I piggybacked on Nintendo’s Pop Star Guitar product with my guitarpopstar.com business. I don’t need to show you more proof. It doesn’t take Einstein to realise that it’s a bit of genius on my part (wow: I can’t stop blowing on this bleedin trumpet!)

The cool thing is next week I’m going to teach you how to do the same. I’m going to show you how you can snap up web sites for ten dollars that already have tens of thousands of visitors a month. Then all you need to do is add an opt in form to the site and your list will build automatically.

And then all you do is send them an email promotion every now and then promoting someone else’s product for a commission.

And yep, I’ll show you how to do that too.

You see at the end of the month I am releasing a monster 220-page manual and ten CD ROMs of live video training that will teach you all of the crazy little techniques that I use to build lists that make me as much as thirty grand in a day. Techniques that I’ll use to break the six figures in a day mark this year.

Now there will only be a limited numbers available when we launch, and it’s cheap. Too cheap quite frankly, as you’ll soon see.

I’ll go into it a bit more next week. I’ve also got a cool video to give you. So make sure you read next Tuesday’s eletter.

Some big things are in it!

And now, a rant.

What’s Spanish for ‘moron’?

Earlier this week there was a big launch called Niche Blueprint. Due to the high commissions, every sod was promoting it. Many of which hadn’t even seen the product and therefore wouldn’t know it was any good or not (in other words they only wanted the commissions and didn’t care if what they were promoting would help their subscribers).

Well there were many of these product junkies promoting using bonuses. If you bought through their affiliate link they were going to give you a “life-changing product worth ten times what you will pay for Niche Blueprint”.

These people genuinely turn my stomach.

Let’s be honest. If their bonus was worth ten times the price of Niche Blueprint they would be selling it, not giving it away.

But let’s ignore that fact for a second. And instead focus on Jacobo of “Adwords Profits” fame – a guy I’ve ripped into before in this eletter.

His bonus was for a set of pay per click ads, written in Spanish that had made him three grand in the previous few weeks. Everyone who bought the Niche Blueprint through his affiliate link would get it. Rumour has it the expletive I screamed at my PC screen when I read this from my Southampton home could be heard as far away as John o Groats…

The reason I was so angry is this guy is one of many taking advantage of newbie’s and those who are new to earning a crust online. On the face of it, it seems ok. It isn’t. He uses the line “with super cheap clicks because it is in the Spanish niche, where there is no competition at all yet”. Look at the word “yet”.

If he gives these ads and keywords to everyone who buys through his link there will be a ton of competition. Why? Because everyone is bidding on the same keywords!

Also, if it was making him three K every couple of weeks, why would he give it away and create competition for himself?


You need to be very, very careful in your quest for earning a living online. The bulk of the gurus out there are not gurus at all – they’re con artists. And I mean that. If they sold a car that didn’t work they’d be con artists. So is it any different them selling these empty dreams?

No. Stick with me and this eletter. You won’t put a foot wrong on my watch.