Increasing numbers of people are turning to the Internet as a means to make money. And with so many baffling systems and programmes out there for those that are new to online business, I though I’d share this new idea that is perfect for newcomers.

A new money-making idea for those new to online business

A two tier affiliate program is a simple concept. Let’s say you found a site selling golf clubs that had a two tier program. If you signed up on tier one, you could go and promote those products and earn, say, 50% commission for every sale you made.

On the other hand you could go out and recruit other affiliates on the second tier to you who had either a large email list or a web site related to the golf niche. If they promoted, you get a percentage of their sales, which could be around 10% for example. Now, you haven’t got a product, a web site, or done any marketing. You’ve just found someone looking to sell more of their product (the site owner with the golf club two tier affiliate program), and you’ve found someone capable of selling more of their product (someone with either an email list or web site in the golf niche), and you’ve bought them together through one simple email which introduces the marketer to the site you are brokering for. The email is just an invitation for them to check out the program. It explains they can make more money by simply sending out a promotion to their email list or adding a graphic to their web site. To find out more they just need to click on your link (that the two tier web site will provide you with).

A few years ago there was a huge buzz about making money by simply signing up to a two tier affiliate program and recruiting what are called “sub affiliates” underneath you. However this soon died down when it became apparent that unless the sub affiliate signed up the day they clicked on your link in the email, you wouldn’t get your commissions. In other words you could send thousands of emails to potential sub affiliates and unless someone signs up to the program the first time they click on your link, you were screwed.

Thankfully now things have changed. I won’t get all technical here but nowadays the majority of two tier sites have an affiliate program that uses a special “cookie” tracking system. This means that if the person you email clicks on your link (and we’ll be doing this in a special way to create intrigue that encourages that), it doesn’t matter if they sign up as a sub affiliate that day, or in six months, providing they don’t clear their “cache” (records of web sites they’ve visited) then you’ll make money for anything they sell. This means that any emails you send out could literally make you money for months and months.

That’s the outline of how this works. Let me walk you through this step-by-step.

The best sites to broker for

I was stunned when I did some research on this and found that the only information available on this model was in courses of five hundred dollars and over. Two courses were launched last year (Affiliate Inferno and Anik Singal’s Affiliate Manager) which show you how to become an affiliate manager and both are over 1K. This is essentially the same model, with one or two slight differences (this is a good thing you don’t want to be tied down working for someone else).

I think the main reason for this are because either:

(a) People don’t understand the key concepts behind the model or

(b) Think it too valuable to charge less than a big fat fee.

Thankfully for you, I not only understand the concepts, I’m giving them to you for free!

One of the things many don’t understand is that just signing up to any old two tier program isn’t good enough. You need to find a site that:

1) Pays at least $10 per sales your sub affiliate makes. You always want to broker for American sites for one, and not only that at this commission rate you could make some serious cash brokering deals with list owners of 1000 upwards.

2) Has a “cookie” tracking system for their affiliate program that means it doesn’t matter if a sub affiliate signs up the first time they visit the site you are brokering for, or the twentieth time, providing they don’t clear their cookie cache you still get your commission for everything they sell.

3) The two tier site provides ready made marketing materials. This is the clincher. Think about it, you get an email asking you to promote a site and all you need to do is spend a few hours writing your own email promo and sending it to your list. Will a lot of people do that? No. People are naturally lazy. However if they get an email where all they have to do is sign up to the program (all of three minutes) and copy and paste a ready made email promo into their email blasting software and hit send (five minutes) and they’ll make cash do you think there’ll be a lot of people happy to do that? You bet! Obviously I’d be foolish to say everyone you contact will promote, but if you get a few percent of people promoting for you and making you cash out of thin air trust me you’ll be laughing!

Finding sites to broker for

I want you to just try this once because the second you clinch one deal and make a few hundred for very little “work” you’ll be hooked.

So broker for a site initially that you’re interested in. If you like golf, broker for a golf site. If you’re passionate about interior design, broker for an interior design site. The more motivated you are to start this the quicker the cash will come in. (if you’re stuck for ideas visit and click on “promote products”. Look around the marketplace for a niche market that interests you. Please note these do not have two tier affiliate programs)

Now it’s just a question of finding a site related to your market.

This may take a bit of digging around, but even if it takes an hour or so you can be brokering for these sites for months to come so one hour research is a drop in the ocean compared to the profit you could be bringing in.

Go to Google and type in “(niche) two tier affiliate program”. So if you wanted to broker for the golf niche you’d type in “golf two tier affiliate program” (without quotation marks). Then it’s just a question of searching through the results and finding a site with a two tier affiliate program that matches the criteria I have outlined already.

Sign up, get your affiliate link, then it’s time to move on.

Finding marketers to contact

There’s a few ways to do this. I’m going to give you a simple way that will enable you to find more potential deals to broker than you could ever have the time to do so. We’re going to find people with ready made email lists of people we know have an interest in the product we are brokering for. One email could potentially make thousands.

Go to Google again and type in “(niche) ezine”. Let me use a really obscure market to demonstrate how powerful this is. Let’s say you were slightly crazy and wanted to broker for a site on the subject of witchcraft. You’d go to Google and type in “witchcraft ezine” and hit Google search.

Try it. You’ll see you get 77,800 results. Now obviously not each end every single one of these will be a site with a witchcraft ezine (or e-letter) but thousands if not tens of thousands will. It’s just a case of visiting the site, finding the “contact us” page and sending them an email.

Contacting marketers.

The whole of the above process is just a bit of research. If you know how to surf the web you can do the above. If you also now how to send an email you have all the qualifications to become an online Gold Rush Broker.

You want to send out single emails (strictly no spam. It’s one email for one site owner that’s it. As it is a business proposition this is not seen as spam. However sending out one email to hundreds will be.

Not only that you wont get anyone promoting for you I can guarantee that).

Your email should include:

1) A mention of the web site where you found info about the ezine

2) If possible a mention of the ezine owners name

3) Explain that by simply sending out an email or adding a graphic to their site they can make money. Also explain these marketing materials are already provided so their work is minimal.

4) Tell them all they need to do is click on your link in the email and sign up to the program and they’re all set to make some more cash.

5) Keep the email to under 500 words (people are busy and don’t want to wade through a strangers huge email).

And that’s it. Go through the list of sites with an ezine related to yours and send them an email. Keep track of who you are contacting, and occasionally log into the two tier site you are brokering for and see how much money you’ve made: )

Can you see how easy this is?

I’m sure you can see why I’ve been so excited about this. Finally we’re all on a level playing field. Both the experienced and the newbie’s have got an equal chance of success because for once reputation, marketing knowledge or financial clout doesn’t matter. Not only that you don’t even need your own web site or product!

Listen you know me, I tell it the way it is. I’m not saying this will make you a millionaire, it won’t. And you DO want to have your own web sites and products eventually. But would you be happy with a few extra hundred quid a week for sending out a few emails? Thought so.