As promised I have the second part of last weeks cool xmas video gift for you.

But first…what have I and James Bond got in common?

The name is Street. Jon Street.

Regular readers of my newsletter will know that I have wanted to bulk up and put some serious muscle on for a long time now. Unfortunately I keep getting sidetracked. Mainly by pies and beer. For two years I’ve managed to be able to keep (fairly) fit and (fairly) trim but in truth you’d find more muscle on a crow’s knee.

I was thinking about this a lot last week. I liken it to starting an Internet business. You know you want to start one but there is always an excuse to not give it a proper go. Like you may have done, I start my fitness regime…and then a few weeks later there are two parties over two weekends and I think “Well you know what, I’ll start properly after the parties. I want to be able to drink and eat like a horse so the fitness will have to wait”.

Can you see how that is like an online business? “I’ll start an online business but Eastenders is on tonight…and tomorrow it’s curry night and I hardly feel like sitting in front of a PC after wolfing down a korma…I’ll start next week”.

And this leads me to want to accentuate the most important of all Internet marketing tips that I know…

Make it happen – the most important of all Internet marketing tips

Now, not being a shy one I saw a guy built like the proverbial brick house when I was out last Friday and decided to approach him and ask him how he “got so big”, instantly backing this up with “I have a girlfriend by the way” when I realised it sounded like a homosexual advance and he looked like he was going to rip my neck off.

He explained that it took hard work and dedication. I didn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to work that out the guy had a chest like a bag of walnuts. I continued to ask him questions and eventually got to what the secret is…

There is no secret.


I just had to start something and stick with it. And when it got tough I had to stick with it some more until eventually, when I see results in the mirror, he said I’ll realise it is working and keep at it.

You need to do the same with your online ventures. Stick with them and persist because I’m telling you know the first time you make a bit of money online your reality changes and you realise it does work. And then sticking with it is a hell of a lot easier.

Here’s where it gets a little weird…

I remember watching James Bond’s Casino Royale with my girlfriend of the time and bristling uncomfortably with Daniel Craig’s notorious beach scene.

If you haven’t seen it this is where he casually walks out of the sea, in shorts so tight you can pretty much see what he had for lunch, with his six pack shining in the sun and muscles everywhere. It was recently voted by women as one of the sexiest movie moments of all time.

I looked down at my slight beer belly, then back up at the twenty foot six pack on the cinema screen in front of me and mumbled “git” under my breath. Then I looked to my left to see my girlfriend salivating over him. She looked at me, smiled and affectionately tapped my beer belly as if to say “It’s ok”.

This moment stuck with me, and probably any other man who saw it. The whole “I want what you’ve got but don’t really want to have to work for it” thing kicked in.

In fact, it stuck with me so much that when I got home from speaking to walnut chest I decided to Google “Daniel Craig Workout”. This guy was obviously onto something.

I then found an article about his workout and read about the personal trainer behind it. Without further ado I contacted the guy and he’s currently putting together the same training program James Bond went on to get in shape for the beach scene.

The point I’m trying to make is this. If I want to leave the ladies shaken and not stirred (or both) like Daniel Craig did it’s not going to happen on its own. If I want to build a body like that I need to put it into action. Getting the same personal trainer is part one. Much like learning a new Internet business program is part one. Actually going through with it and getting the results I want is the hard part. It’s part two. It’s the part that most people fail at.

But not me. Not this time.

I have set myself a goal that this time next year I will be a lot more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. More importantly I’ll be more healthy and have more energy.

I want you to set yourself a goal. I have it nailed financially but body wise I need work, much like an old Ford Capri. If you want to nail things financially next year set a goal and don’t make excuses for why not to go through with it.