Today we’ll look at possibly the easiest and least expensive way to locate niche markets for you to dominate and profit from right away. This is a great way to make money from Google that doesn’t require a degree in rocket science.

This concept works no matter how you try to make money online, from writing just one article or press release to promote a specific product or service, to starting work on a multi-thousand page authority website designed for ongoing commissions from AdSense and other affiliate programmes.

The ten minutes you’ll spend planning your new venture using free information will guarantee you make money, probably lots of money!

And that’s because, rather than you and I choosing goods and services at random to promote as vendor or affiliate, we’ll have one of the world’s largest companies telling us exactly what products and services people are searching for online as well as what competition exists in our target marketplace.

How to make money from Google using their search engine and keyword suggestion tool

That company is Google, and today we are going to use their search engine and keyword suggestion tool to help us find goods and services people are searching for thousands or even millions of times every month, and for which competition from suppliers is relatively low. And we’re going to use these tools to make money from Google. Can you imagine a more exciting prospect?

What we’ll do today is called ‘search engine optimising’ our promotions – articles, websites, blogs, even our eBay listings – which simply means maximising their chance of ranking high in search engine returns. So the better you are at search engine optimising your promotions, the higher they will appear in search engine returns for goods and services you are promoting.

Ranking really high in search engine returns – where your site shows on the first or second page returned after a search – means you’ll get more people seeing your promotions than sites featuring many pages later.

But there are other reasons why it makes sense to work for a high placement in search engine returns:

* Search engines, notably, account for probably the largest source of traffic and visitors to Internet websites and blogs.

* Anyone can achieve high page ranking because Google and other search engines prefer sites with content most closely matching specific keywords and phrases used in the search. Additionally, the more accurate the information you provide about specific search terms, and the more quality content you give, the more likely your site will feature over others offering limited quantity low value content.

* Search engine traffic is free!

There is just a tiny bit of guesswork involved in making huge profits from today’s simple exercise, being that you must choose your own generic subject to work with, such as making money online, caring for pet dogs, erecting a garden shed, organising a wedding, treating acne. The reason I want you to choose a subject yourself as the basis of your next money-making venture is that I fervently believe you and I will always make more money from promoting products and services we’re passionate about, compared to targeting less interesting markets.

So personally I’ll always be happy promoting goods and services to people who love dogs (as I do); I’ll never tire of writing articles about making money on eBay; I won’t ever get bored with building content rich websites based on collecting antiques or researching family trees. I would happily spend my entire working life marketing goods based on those subjects, compared to operating in areas that bore or frustrate me, such as mobile telephones (I hate phones of all kinds) and travel (I have never been abroad and hopefully never will).

There are certain things to bear in mind when choosing your generic subject:

* It must have thousands or even millions of searches monthly, preferably every day.

* Searchers must be looking to buy a specific product or service that you can supply for a generous profit on every sale. That product can be tangible or physical in the case of goods or services, or intangible such as information about their subject. So you are looking for a subject that makes you money, for example, where someone orders a product from you or your affiliate supplier, or where he or she clicks on an AdSense unit at your site.

* competition against you for those goods and services must be low or non-existent.

* the subject must be one you’ll enjoy working with today and tomorrow and for many years to come.

In a nutshell…

You have to find subject related keywords and phrases that are keyed thousands or millions of times every month into major search engines, but where few competing sites actually match those search terms. Then you use those high frequency keywords and phrases in your article and blog posting titles, for instance, and in the domain name and page titles for your websites and blogs.

Do it properly and search engines will see how closely your promotions match words and phrases keyed into their search boxes and will rank your promotions high in search engine returns. But only if you provide quality information and good customer service, and lots of it, or Google may not index you at all!

Following on, the more articles, blog postings, website and blog pages that feature your chosen high frequency keywords or phrases, and the lower your competition is for those keywords and phrases, the higher your promotions will rank in search engine returns and the more traffic you’ll get.

Oh yes, and the more money you’ll make as a result.